Friday, September 20, 2019


Hi Again!  We are still in construction at THE PEAR PLACE.  I decided that I would leave everything untouched here on our website to document how much we underestimated the time it would take.  I am saying this with a smile!  We have learned to be so open, more open that I could have ever imagined on timelines.  It is funny how some wonderful challenge will give you so much back that you didn't ever bargain for.  Magic.  
Even though we are still in the midst of renovating and building, the dreams are still as vivid and real for what our little Pear Place will be.  It is no secret that half of team Pear Place is a quilter.  But I am not only that.  My identity is shaped by these rose color glasses that loves color/seasons/beauty.  
There isn't one thing that can define why I am this way.  I know that it makes me happy.  I know that I love sharing with others what I find beautiful.  I know that it isn't always what people are expecting because this can include a rusty patina or a old scrap of newspaper.  However the beauty I see is revealed.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  
I hope to share through the Pear Place anything that interests me.  I have one video on The Pear Place's Instagram (click link) that shares what we hope to offer.  Take a listen if you have an interest.  Also to stay up-to-date at my most favorite place to share find Michelle Lee Jensen on Instagram.  
For last month my interest was more of an obsession with watermelon anything...  

Lauryn:Watermelon Sign
Katie:Watermelon Bunting
The Pear Place: Pear Cabinet Pear Place Shop
The Pear Place: Marque Sign/Letter Board contact Pear

We ate watermelon, I finished a Watermelon Quilt Pattern available in Mixi Heart Etsy Pattern Shop, I bought a watermelon sign, I bought watermelon bunting, and summer ended.

So where does this all come from?  Honestly, it comes from a place that is sad.  I am not sure if that is what anyone is expecting.  But the truth is that it comes from a sad place, but it changes into something healing.  It is self-expression to heal.  It turns into happiness.  Creating something beautiful.  Sharing something beautiful.  It is healing for me.  It  is an expression that I see beauty all around even though I have experience the hard.  And it has been a long journey.  I am so happy and so grateful to be here.  I pinch myself.  One in a melon places I could be and I am right here.  So grateful.
I hope to continue to share these obsessions and share a little bit more about me.  Life is Absolutely Sweet! Watermelon Sweet.

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