Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Confession: I am a Holiday Person

Confession: I am a Holiday Person

As we are nearing more major renovations at The Pear Place I thought it would be a great idea to share a little more about us before we might get very distracted.  As stated above, I am a holiday person.  Give me a theme and I will run with it.  This is the case with even our names at the Pear Place: The Pear, The Poppy, and newly named Plum.  A little hint about space #4, it's name will round out the P collection.  Holidays are really just Themes.  Give me some red apples and pumpkins and let's see what our minds can come up with.  

My Mind Scares Me:  This is our little house's theme for the next month.  It is October after all.  It is really just for fun.  What is incredible about life is how much we can learn and grow which is almost scary how far we can take ourselves.  At The Pear Place it isn't a secret that we will offer classes.  The classes are to be determined but will most definitely include: Quilting, Cookie Decorating, Cake Decorating, Canning, Cooking, Basket Weaving, Couples Dancing, and a List of How To's.  I am a person that believes in self-exploration.  I enjoy the process and have quite a few self-endeavors under my belt but at the same time it is great to hear from experts when dabling in perhaps a new hobby or potential career.  Our foundation at The Pear Place will be education.  The building stones will be classes from experts and the heart will be a marketplace of fun.  We are a place for one to be inspired.  We are a place to find beauty in life.  And all of this will be themed... perhaps even holiday themed from time to time. 

I look forward to the day to reveal what is upstairs in my mind.  

That being said I want to share a few of my favorite fall quilts to celebrate the upcoming Holidays.  

Back Story: I am a Professional Quilter (website: and pattern store ).  I am a self-taught quilter that developed over years to accomplish a self-published pattern line, longarm quilting business, featured on Quilt it, and authoring "Little Big Stuff".  I can confidently say I am an expert quilter.  I have enjoyed the learning/teaching aspect of this art.  This inspired a huge turn in my life and still has an impact on my everyday.  You will see tiny bits of Quilting show up at The Pear Place through classes and through decor.  Perhaps you might be interested in dabbling in this art.  

Quilts: The fun of sharing these quilts is that life changes and seasons change.  Halloween themed and Thanksgiving themed quilts sure bring love into my life.  Also included in pics are items I have gifted, cute things to brighten dear friends days.  I love using color and design to create something beautiful.  These quilts are filled with memories that represent that time in my life and it brings back situations that were wonderful or hard.  It is funny how simple items can be memory triggers.  

These patterns are available though my pattern store or otherwise noted.  Also, they can be searched on to include more details/detailed pictures ( and


Tea Towel Gift: Kimberbell Designs:

Gift: half-square triangles, free-hand web quilting, free-hand drawn spider, and halloween colors

Basketful of Thanks:

Hope you enjoyed the pics and can't wait to share what we love with you at The Pear Place, until then.  

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